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    Why Sbitany Home?

    • Sbitany home is the largest Electronic and home Appliances network in the west bank.
    • A well-Trained Specialist ready to help and guide you during your shopping.
    • A detailed description on products.  
    • Special Discounts and Special Deal Specially for you
    • Delivery to all the west bank and east Jerusalem


    Should i be a registered user to buy ?

    NO, you can buy as a guest. all you must do is to fill in your contact details and delivery address so that our representative will call you to confirm your purchase.


    Why Should i register ?

    • A Complete History of all your purchases
    • Save you shipping addresses
    • Special offers for our registered customers


    How can i register ?

    You can simply register by clicking on the Register icon at the top of our page then after filling your details click on the red Register button at the end of the page.


    You can also register by click on the Facebook icon or the Google+ icon at the top of the registration page for a quick registration.

    How can i pay ?

     You can Pay when you recive the product or using you credit/Debit card


    My Credit card didn't work ?

    This could be due one or more of the following reasons:

    • Your visa is not open to internet purchases, in this case you should contact your bank.
    • You Entered a wrong visa information. Double check you visa information specially the CVV number on the back of your card.
    • You Exceeded the Max Limit of you card. You should contact the bank or add credit to the card.

    Can i buy with my friends' credit card?

    we prefere you buy using your own credit card. in case you decided to buy other than your own card. we will ask you to provide us with the following for security reasons required by the credit card compant

    • A photocopy of the visa card
    • A photocopy of the ID/Passport of the card owner
    • A photocopy of your ID/Passport 

    other than the above we have to cancel the transaction and a refund will be requested from visa card company.

    How can i pickup the Products?

     You can choose to recive the products by:

    1. Pick it up from the closest store
    2. Have it delivered to your home / work


    Will i be charged for delivery ?

    We offer a free delivery for orders over 99 NIS, below that you will be charged 10 NIS.

    if you made more than one order in the same day, all your orders will be send together and the delivery fees will be removed if the total of the order exceeds 99 NIS


    When will i recive my products ?

    Usually products are delivered within 72 hours in the major cities. In villages and surrounding the cities it may take up to 96 Hour.


    What will happen after i place my Order ?

    A Representative from our side will call you to confirm the order, after that your order will be processed.


    If i have a problem with one of the products ?

    In case you got a faulted product, or a wrong color. You can call us on one of our contact numbers and we are more than happy to resolve the issue.