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    Toaster ovens

    Toaster ovens have become up, in additional ways than one. They’re not only a horizontally strategy to toast bread or heat a slice of pizza. You'll find toaster ovens big enough to toast six or more slices of bread at any given time. Some have two racks for keeping much more food.

    But that’s not really all. Toaster ovens are now being made with functions that rival regular ovens. Many are big enough and flexible enough to exchange your conventional oven for a lot of tasks. Numerous can cook a 12-inch pizza or bake a 9- by 13-inch cake. Others have features that the oven might possibly not have, like a detachable tray for cleaning, or a rotisserie function.

    A toaster oven can make extra cooking space for big families, or it can be a convenient appliance for singles. Or it may be the only oven in a cabin, retirement home, RV, or small condo. Even if you by no means make toast.

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    Breville Slices Toaster BTA425

    ₪ 439.00
    2 Slice,; A Bit More,; Lift & Look ,; Frozen Setting

    Breville Toaster BTA-430

    ₪ 499.00
    1850W; 4 Slice; Defrost setting; Long slats

    Breville Toaster SG630

    ₪ 489.00
    2000w; Non stick cooking plates; Heavy duty metal arm

    DN Electric Grill

    ₪ 299.00 ₪ 349.00
    non stick coating/ Removable/ Can go in the dishwasher

    Graetz Slice Toaster GR-2023

    ₪ 49.00
    750W - 2 slices

    Grundig Toaster TA7280 W White

    ₪ 249.00
    870W,; Defrost,; Reheat ,; Warming Rack,; Digital Browning Control ,

    Kitchen Chef Toaster 4719

    ₪ 199.00
    2000w/ Non stick grill cooking plate

    Korkmaz Toaster A313-03 Gray

    ₪ 329.00
    1800W,; Non-stick,; Adjustable thermostat,

    Korkmaz Toaster A313-04 Red

    ₪ 329.00
    1800W,; Non-stick,; Adjustable thermostat,

    Magic Toaster Press MG-2010TM Silver

    ₪ 229.00
    1800 Watt

    Meister Toaster Press ME232

    ₪ 69.00

    Morphy Richards 2 Slices Toaster 44057 WH/SV

    ₪ 129.00
    Variable browning control,; Automatic pop-up,; Slideout crumbtray,

    Morphy Richards Grill Toaster 44257

    ₪ 119.00
    750 watt

    Morphy Richards Grill Toaster 44258

    ₪ 199.00
    Toaster sandwish, Grill&waffle; Upright storge position; Water Base coated plates for easy Cleaning; 750W

    Morphy Richards Grill Toaster 44783

    ₪ 299.00
    1800 watt/ temperature controller

    Morphy Richards Grill Toaster 44784

    ₪ 399.00

    Morphy Richards Slices Toaster 222003 Azure

    ₪ 199.00
    Automatic pop-up,; Variable browning control,; Cord storge,

    Morphy Richards Slices Toaster 222005 Pebble

    ₪ 199.00
    Automatic pop-up,; Vriable browning control ,; Cord storge,


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