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    Huawei in a new trouble because of the "Chinese army"

    Thursday, June 27, 2019

    Huawei in a new trouble because of the "Chinese army"

    A number of employees from Huawei Technologies have cooperated with members of the Chinese armed forces in at least 10 research projects over the last 10 years, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

    Bloomberg said employees at Huawei had cooperated with members of various PLA units in projects ranging from artificial intelligence to wireless communications.

    Huawei in a new trouble because of the Chinese army

    Huawei spokesman denied the news


    "Huawei is not aware of the deployment of its staff to research documents in their personal capacity," Blumberg said in a statement.

    "Huawei has no cooperation or research and development partnership with the PLA institutions," he said.

    "Huawei develops and produces only communications devices that comply with civilian standards worldwide and does not modify research and development products for the military," he said.

    The administration of US President Donald Trump has placed Huawei on the list of companies that pose a threat to national security, and therefore prevents US companies from selling technology equipment for fear of Beijing's use of them for espionage purposes.

    Washington gave US companies 90 days to enforce the ban on the Chinese company, but many companies, both in the United States and abroad, preferred to take proactive steps to address the ambiguity surrounding Huawei's products.

    "When you look at what they have done from a security point of view, from a military point of view, you find it very dangerous," Trump told reporters a few days ago.

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