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    Gym Balls

    Gym Balls

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    VO2 26CM Aerobic Ball 2162

    ₪ 20.00
    Extra-quality OVER BALL ball.

    VO2 Energym Sport Gym Ball 2852

    ₪ 39.20
    The ball is designed for training with weights, rubber bands, weight bars and yoga exercises, Pilates, strengthening and stretching.

    VO2 Energym Sport Gym Ball 2853

    ₪ 44.00
    rubber and pleasant.

    VO2 Energym Sport Gym Ball 2854

    ₪ 55.20
    Sport Gym Ball

    VO2 Togu MyBall 416602

    ₪ 103.20
    The TOGO series Power Ball series The balls include the unique ABS patent developed by the company's ABS laboratory