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    Apple Smart Series 4

    Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    Apple Smart Series 4


    Apple Smart Series 4: Smart: Faster, Greater, and Better Health Promises


    To get a more comprehensive understanding of the design of the new Apple Clock 4, which was introduced in the markets, especially its health functions, an American expert underwent an ECG test, which is used to diagnose heart problems such as cardiac arrhythmias and heart attacks.

    For the first time, a smart clock provides users with a heart sensor that will eventually work with an application that displays electrical heart plans. After the launch of the ECG application this year, which has been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, the user will be able to put his finger on the top of the clock to measure electrical charges around his heart.

    But the planning of Apple's watch will not be comprehensive, of course, which is done by conventional planning machines, which are used by cardiologists and relate to many parts of the human body. The new Apple watch is a one-sided cardiac sensor, which means that it registers electrical signals from one corner of the heart, enough to collect data about the throbbing state rather than to diagnose a heart attack.


    However, Apple's new smart watch is the biggest advance in wearable devices in recent years. People with heart problems can use the ECG to plan easily and at any time they feel disturbed, without any complicated procedures. They can also share the data they have received immediately with their doctor, which may help them in their next step, both in terms of scheduling in the clinic or to change the drug, for example.

    For this reason, anyone who does not have a confirmed heart attack will feel no desire to buy the watch.

    "I do not consider this watch to be more than just another technical development," Dr. Ethan Weiss, a cardiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, told the American media, who was briefed on the cardiac planning test he had done.

    "But there are a lot of things that we do not know," he said. We get just a little information. " Cardiac charts in clinics usually provide doctors with about 90 seconds of data. 

    Fourth generation clock

    Many of the features of the new Apple TV Series 4 clock look boring on paper. Compared to previous versions, the fourth generation of smart clock has a slightly larger screen and faster in tasks like downloading applications.

    However, the evolution of this watch from a device to follow fitness to a device to follow health matters makes it a very interesting tool in the long term. Apple often sets the standards for consumer electronics, meaning that this watch may encourage other companies to create a new generation of wearable devices to help people gather information about their health.

    Even today, experts who have tested Apple's new watch for a full week say it is better than previous versions. Here are the most important findings:

    - Higher price, wider screen, and greater speed. The difference between Apple's new watch and its predecessors is evident in its high price, wide screen and frame. The price of the new version starts at $ 399 compared to $ 329 for previous releases. The Series 4 comes with 40mm and 44mm, compared to 38mm and 42mm in previous models. The new clock frame is slightly longer and slightly wider, but thinner than before. I also felt that the 40 mm model was not much bigger than the 38 mm I used in the past.

    More importantly, the screen extends from one edge to the other, allowing applications to have more space than the clock interface. This breadth of the show shows everything we see on the clock, such as texts, for example.

    It can be said that the change in the speed of the clock is less prominent than other changes, despite its effectiveness. Apple has confirmed that the new clock is twice as fast as the third-generation model, which is famous for its rapid speed.

    This difference in speed is more evident when using the Apple Audio Assistant «Siri». You can issue a command as "set the timer to 20 minutes" by simply lifting the clock towards your mouth as the clock complies without any delay. The Siri Move feature is voice-activated without the need to use hands to the new Apple Watch OS 5 WatchOS 5. 


    - Amazing device to follow the fitness. To test the clock's potential, one of the experts wore a 12.3-mile walk in Pacifica, California. When he opened the Workout application, he chose to "walk" among the exercises and watched with great interest the follow-up of the device for the distance it walked and its heart rate.

    Apple's watch has lost concern by updating information about the distance the expert has experienced every 0.16 km. In amazing accuracy, the clock at the end of his journey told him that he had finished the 12.3 km.

    In the steep slopes, the clock was seen to check the frying rate. In previous Apple hours, there was some delay before displaying data on the screen. But in Siris 4, and thanks to its rapid advancement, the user gets immediate heart rate updates.

    - To worry about their health, watch out. If you are a person who is very concerned about their health, should you buy this watch? The expert was unable to test the application of cardiac planning because it has not yet been issued. For this reason, people with heart problems should wait for this year to see if this technique works well.

    The new watch should not be considered as a device for monitoring all health conditions. Lost

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