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    Air Conditioners

    Order your air condition at SbitanyHome online store or you can visit one of our convenient stores at Palestine's magor cities and find the air condition you are interested in and leave the rest to us. We will deliver and install for free. Our professional and well trained team is waiting to complete the job for you.

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    Midea Air Condition Platinum-20N

    ₪ 2,176.00 ₪ 2,290.00
    1.5 Ton, Wall Mounted Air Conditioner, White, R410A gas, 18085 BTU

    Midea 13962BTU Air Condition Magic-20

    ₪ 2,270.00 ₪ 2,390.00

    Midea 17000BTU Air Condition INV-S26P

    ₪ 3,980.00 ₪ 4,190.00

    Midea 17050BTU Air Condition InverterPlus-27WP

    ₪ 3,980.00 ₪ 4,190.00

    Midea 30000BTU Air Condition Plasma Plus-44GPQS

    ₪ 5,976.00 ₪ 6,290.00

    Midea 32582BTU Air Condition InverterPlus-H45WP

    ₪ 7,020.00 ₪ 7,390.00
    inverter air conditioner

    Midea Air Condition Plasma Plus-H28GPQS

    ₪ 3,220.00 ₪ 3,390.00
    Plasma Plus