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    AKSA Generator AAP 2000I 2KVA

    ₪ 2,498.00 ₪ 2,630.00
    The most important feature of the Aksa AAP-1000i Inverter portable generators.

    Bergner Chicken Scissors BG-1884

    ₪ 59.00

    Bergner Flexible Turner Stainless BG-3277

    ₪ 49.00

    Bergner Grater BG-3225

    ₪ 19.00

    Bergner Pizza Cutter Stainless BG-3228

    ₪ 25.00

    Bergner Potato Masher Stainless BG-3232

    ₪ 49.00

    Bergner Strainer Stainless BG-3269

    ₪ 39.00

    Black+Decker 10.8vCordless Drill Driver BDCDD12K

    ₪ 525.00

    Black+Decker 10.8vCordless Drill Driver EGBL108K

    ₪ 525.00
    Holds over 80% of its charge over 90 days whilst idle. No need to charge unit before each use

    Black+Decker 109PCs Drill Set A7200-XJ

    ₪ 199.00
    109 piece mixed set - Perfect for masonry

    Black+Decker 12V Cordless Drill Driver EPC12CA

    ₪ 259.00
    24 torque clutch - For perfect screwdriving into a variety of materials with different screws sizes

    Black+Decker 12v Cordless Drill Driver EPC12CAK

    ₪ 309.00

    Black+Decker 14.4v Cordless Drill Driver EPC14CA

    ₪ 309.00
    Variable speed - For ultimate finger tip control for all drilling appplications

    Black+Decker 21PCs Screw Driving Set A7074

    ₪ 29.00
    Supplied in plastic holders, each holding 10 bits

    Black+Decker 35PCs Drill Set A7152

    ₪ 129.00
    35 Accessories , Mixed drilling and screwdriver bit set for common DIY tasks around the home

    Black+Decker 400W Jigsaw KS501

    ₪ 259.00

    Black+Decker 500W Hammer Drill KR504RE

    ₪ 249.00

    Black+Decker 5PCs Jigsaw Blade T118A

    ₪ 14.00