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    Get Ice Breeze air from one of our air condition coolers, our personal and portable air conditioner and cooler designed to keep you and your love ones cool indoor and outdoor.

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    Blue Star Air Cooler AC-200W

    ₪ 989.00
    105 watts

    Briza Air Cooler KFL-1G

    ₪ 299.00
    A refreshing evaporative fan

    Honeywell 48L Air Cooler CO48PM

    ₪ 1,606.00 ₪ 1,690.00
    3 speed settings - High, Medium and Low/14 inch wide/ Ideal for patio, backyard, terrace, deck or pool area

    MrGan Air Cooler PRO XZ13-050

    ₪ 2,214.00 ₪ 2,330.00
    Very small and very powerful cooler in relation

    مبردات مياه

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