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    Black+Decker 109PCs Drill Set A7200-XJ

    ₪ 199.00
    109 piece mixed set - Perfect for masonry

    Black+Decker 12v Cordless Drill Driver EPC12CAK

    ₪ 309.00

    Black+Decker 21PCs Screw Driving Set A7074

    ₪ 29.00
    Supplied in plastic holders, each holding 10 bits

    Black+Decker 35PCs Drill Set A7152

    ₪ 129.00
    35 Accessories , Mixed drilling and screwdriver bit set for common DIY tasks around the home

    Black+Decker 400W Jigsaw KS501

    ₪ 259.00

    Black+Decker 500W Hammer Drill KR504RE

    ₪ 249.00

    Black+Decker 710W 115mm Angle Grinder CD115

    ₪ 209.00
    The Black & Decker CD115A5 115mm Grinder is ideal for cutting metal pipes, removing rust from metal work, removing excess weld material, or mortar raking from between brickwork. The 115mm disc size is useful when working in confined spaces, while the 710W motor provides an ideal balance between power, weight and size. The 2-position side handle provides additional control and safety, spindle lock makes accessory changing quick and easy, while a lock-on switch assists with comfort and control. The tool comes with 3 metal cutting discs, 1 metal grinding disc, 1 stone cutting disc, plus an extra guard

    Suzuki 18V Cordless Drill Driver SED18-1 81870

    ₪ 329.00

    Suzuki 20V Cordless Drill Driver SED20-1 81872

    ₪ 329.00

    Suzuki 20V Cordless Drill Driver SEP20-1 81874

    ₪ 429.00

    Suzuki 20V Cordless Drill Driver SEP20-2 81873

    ₪ 549.00

    Suzuki 3.6V Handheld Drill Driver SED36 81876

    ₪ 119.00

    Suzuki 6" Locomotive 0506126 44662

    ₪ 19.00

    Suzuki 7" Flair Patented 0560017 44663

    ₪ 35.00

    Suzuki Hedge Trimmer SES20-1 20V 81877

    ₪ 569.00

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